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Bunnies 36 at The Wortham Center <br><small>April 5, 2015</small>
EPAH Happy Hour at Ed Moss Homee <br><small>March 22, 1996</small>
EPAH Happy Hour <br><small>April 11, 1997</small>
EPAH Pride Party <br><small>June 12, 1996</small>
Texas Gay Rodeo <br><small>Nov. 7, 1997</small>
Houston Tennis Club 2019 - A 39Th Annual Tournament At Homer Ford & Memorial Park Tennis Centers  <br><small>Nov. 23, 2019</small>
Miss Camp America Rhinestones and Studs II <br><small>July 15, 1995</small>
EPAH Dinner Meeting <br><small>Aug. 20, 1996</small>
Lumiere Nouveau - A New Year's Masquerade at The Ensemble Theatre <br><small>Dec. 31, 2015</small>
Elaine's Blasted Glass <br><small>Nov. 26, 1993</small>
64th Diana Awards at House of Blues and After Party at Rich's <br><small>March 18, 2017</small>
Pride Festival and Pride Parade 2015 <br><small>June 27, 2015</small>
Follyball Fest 1994 <br><small>Oct. 23, 1994</small>
Justice-Elect Charles Spain Swearing-In Ceremony at The Home Of Charles Spain & John Adcock <br><small>Jan. 1, 2019</small>
Lane Lewis Reception with Barney Frank at the Home of Michael Kemper <br><small>Oct. 8, 2015</small>

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