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Montrose Softball League <br><small>May 5, 1996</small>
Pride Festival and Pride Parade 2016 <br><small>June 25, 2016</small>
Super Bowl LII <br><small>Feb. 3, 2019</small>
Goeffry Coris Valentine Party <br><small>Feb. 13, 1993</small>
Rock the Runway Fashion Show at Audi Central <br><small>June 21, 2017</small>
Holiday Party at the Home of Frank Staggs <br><small>Dec. 12, 2015</small>
Pride Festival and Pride Parade 2015 <br><small>June 27, 2015</small>
Cinco De Mayo Celebration Festival <br><small>May 7, 1994</small>
Christmas Songfest <br><small>Dec. 8, 1996</small>
Pride Superstar Round 6 with Guest Judge Alyssa Edwards at Meteor <br><small>June 15, 2016</small>
Montrose Softball League <br><small>April 23, 1995</small>
Gerald Curlee & Jerry Chaffin 2018 - Christmas Party at Riva'S Italian Restaurant <br><small>Dec. 16, 2018</small>
Women's March 2019 - Downtown Houston <br><small>Jan. 19, 2019</small>
Bunnies 38 at The Wortham Center Fish Plaza <br><small>April 16, 2017</small>
Greater Houston LGBT Chamber 2019 - July 2019 ''Brewing Up Business'' At Amegy Bank  <br><small>July 10, 2019</small>

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